The initial trailer, “Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden” is for the related, longer documentary “The Great Arkanum* Gnostic Teachings.” See below.

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According to the documentary, the Great Arcanum* is the secret of secrets. It states that sex is the secret gate back to Eden. Seekers have to prove their moral purity and trustworthiness in order to learn about the secret symbolic meanings. It reveals the symbolic meaning of some gnostic texts, of alchemy and some esoteric Hebrew writings. For example, the video tells of the symbolic meaning of the biblical two trees in paradise. They are, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. Unsurprisingly, “Its mysteries have remained veiled behind mystical stories and the world’s inheritance of art and literature.”

Discovery of the orgasm

“Learning to procreate without the guidance of the Elohim [angels], led to the discovery of the orgasm.”  In other words, the force that powers all creation on all levels of existence is sexual energy.  The video explains this is why all of the world’s great religions emphasise chastity. Also what chastity means in this particular context.


“The serpent itself is power.”  Only those with the strength of will to control the cravings of their mind will succeed. That way they can raise the energetic serpent to transform themselves from intellectual animals into true human beings. Furthermore only the ‘positive’ serpent under the service of God, can free the soul from suffering.

In this video, Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden, we learn of the transmission of this secret knowledge. Various spiritual traditions have spoken of this secret mystery. However, only to the initiates. They are the souls who are willing to surrender their ego for the purpose of finding the highest good.

* Arkanum:

1. A deep secret; a mystery.

2. Knowledge that is mysterious to the average person.

3. A secret essence or remedy; an elixir.