ave you ever thought trying to solve the puzzle of human existence?

What puzzle?

I believe one of the great goals of life is to understand the puzzle of existence that is placed in front of each and every human being. To solve it, one should first be able to fully see reality from this perspective. Many can not do this. Many have not thought about it either. We must also see or at least glimpse the advantages of solving this puzzle, which could, among other things, motivate some to solve it.

Where does this idea of life as a puzzle comes from?

At four years old, going into the yard, I was struck by life. Struck with a spiritual experience of silence, emptiness / fullness, complete rapture before the immense beauty of life, realization of what human life could be, and more. All caused by the power of the force of life which seemed to move in me in a surprising/unexpected way.

A series of questions arose immediately after and I tried to ask them to adults. The only three questions I can remember were:

  1. “What is the best a human being can do on earth? “
  2. “Why can’t I see through your eyes, daddy, and the eyes of mom, my brother and all living beings at the same time?” (it seemed odd to me that it wasn’t the “normal” state)
  3. “In fact, why is it that all that I am, finds itself limited and placed here, in this body and not everywhere at the same time? It seems to be a mistake.”

My parents and the preschool educators had no answers (nor any interest) for these questions. I was an oddity to ignore and I was asked to forget my questions. Suddenly I saw the human puzzle and also the strange veil that exists in front of it, as if a maze was blocking adults from seeing what seemed so important to me… I then lost my illusions about adults and concluded at this age that the human mind, in all likelihood, withers away with age or that there is a global problem in the mind.

The power of Life and the veil in front of the eyes of humanity. These two things struck me early in life. Yes, at 4 years old. This has been my biggest existential crisis. So intense that I believe part of me still has this mental age. 😉

The questions in the puzzle.

Because yes, it seems to me that the puzzle of existence is made up of questions to be answered. Questions like: what is possible for humans? What is the best we can do? What is the most efficient use of our short time on Earth? Is a human being at its natural peak, without learning of any kind, experiencing the pinnacle of his abilities? Is there more? Are there altered states of consciousness that can inform us about the universe, make us grow? How far can this go?

Are all these texts of sages from the past describing a yet untapped and unimaginable potential in humans based on reality? What could be the most harmonious optimal way to be for a human being on earth? Might there be levels of being? Are there even more connected ways to interact with our environment, plants, animals, and beyond? What would be the best way to enjoy this gift that is life as a human being? How much can the human mind shape / alter its health, its immediate environment, the world around it?

So many questions. A real puzzle. So many fascinating subjects – and there are so many more than listed above.

Puzzle solved?

Imagine now that these questions are not new (because they are not!). Imagine that some more “enlightened” people managed to answer some of these questions in part and others … in totality. These people could therefore have already been able to assemble this puzzle!

What if we could assemble their conclusions and see patterns? Links, pieces that fit with each other… Imagine if we discovered that, for the same puzzle parts, the same solutions/conclusions were reached throughout history by many cultures across different continents?

This is the case. These similar conclusions exist for real. There are links. The puzzle can be assembled and seen in its entirety because this has already been done in the past. One only needs to pick up the pieces.

The magnitude of all this.

Realize for one moment what precious treasures these similar solutions/conclusions are. These are the most important things in life if we are here to solve this puzzle and then follow its directions! Because unravelling the puzzle is one thing, then there is the work of understanding how to apply its instructions in our lives, like a treasure map.

Of how little importance is everything else! 🙂

But what a strange veil on these topics, that so few seem interested in them … Possibly because most cannot even begin to imagine that there is a riddle to be solved and that it is possible to do it?

The foundations of this puzzle.

Pushed in this quest to solve the puzzle since my experience at 4 years old, I saw indications of what is possible, the potentially infinite nature of humanity and mostly, how one could possibly get there…. Everything gradually pointed me to:

  1. the study of radically different uses of one’s life force and
  2. how to shine light on any veil in front of our eyes.

Life and light, or power and clarity. The same themes that struck me when I was 4.

These two elements are the basis of the message of the puzzle. So easy to write in one line of text but so complex to fully grasp and apply. The entire alchemical work of transformation is strangely similar to the sun: life and light (or more accurately: hydrostatic equilibrium and photonic creation). The path of humanity is the path of inner solarisation.

More on the two foundations:
  1. Our sex organs are the receptacles of life,

and all life on Earth come from photons of light from the sun. I was totally dazzled in my research on the history of sacred sexuality and its massive impact on human transformation: confirmation upon confirmation of the same conclusions across the world, history and continents concerning the clear possibility of additional development of human beings, beyond what one can imagine. And yes, the methods are incredibly similar…

It all has to do with a special practice with one’s life force: to keep it and bind it to love. Turn it towards its center (like the sun which compresses its own center) to extract light from this process. This will magnify the force of life within and activate various electrical layers normally dormant in human beings. Yes, this refers to the different levels of awakening, intensity and manifestation of what is called in Sanskrit “Kundalini”, the electric force of life and its infinite types of manifestations.

The essence.

It means a sexuality that is done: with the utmost love, while swimming in such contentment that the finish line of the orgasm is never crossed. Then the activated electric potential is turned inward and upward, rather than outwards and down. The life force is then multiplied within, harnessed to love and this can bring about unimaginable changes in humans by awakening the sleeping electric layers through an additional influx of life.

This art form of magnifying the subtle electricity of life in oneself can enter into much more refinement (and can include practices not necessarily sexual or in couple) but it is not the subject of this article which relates to the fact that the veil of secrets has been broken, the puzzle is now exposed, the treasure map is there for understanding and the final treasure can be reached.

This web site (https://synergyexplorers.org) exposes such a large quantity of breadcrumbs from so many cultures (especially in the Traditions section) that any serious explorers should be able to realize what this puzzle is about and start to apply its secrets.

  1. Light on the veils.

This sexual practice with the life of the sun within can only be carried out correctly only if one works tirelessly to light the various veils which prevents one from seeing clearly. It is the “Oeuvre au Noir” of alchemy, that which is often called the “work on oneself” or work on the ego. This part so often overlooked by more modern spiritual approaches but so essential, otherwise the sexual practice may easily amplify the personality, the faults, the veils, the causes of sickness, the hypnosis at the same time that one will become filled with power of the life.

The result could be catastrophic: hyper spiritual ego boosted by the power of life or odd diseases from inflated darker aspects within. Christian Rosenkreutz (mythical founder of the Rosicrucian order) wrote in his book Chymical Wedding (1616): “If you are not prepared, the union may damage you”. But if we know how to use sexual fire to powerfully illuminate the shadow areas, we can move very quickly in adding light within in a safe way both for the mind and the body. One must understand the importance of working on oneself (with or without sexual aid) and understand how to do this work effectively if one truly wishes to benefit from the accumulation of life force.

How to see clearly. It is a puzzle after all.

It can be very difficult, when one undertakes the work to unravel this puzzle, to know if one is indeed in the process of solving this puzzle or deluding oneself. A wise mix of knowledge (from unaltered sources) and personal experience seems essential to me. Because you have to test this knowledge. Goethe wrote “All theory, dear friend, is grey,” “But the golden tree of actual life springs ever green”. And still one must remain very rigorous in the analysis of one’s own experiences of altered consciousness. Is it real or am I ” turning pigs’ ears into silk purses … of prana”? :p

The process of solving the puzzle is therefore complex and simple: find the clues of the great sages of the past (why reinvent the wheel if the puzzle has already been solved in parts?). Test them in the laboratory of your body and mind and finally reap the benefits: weaving the links of the great tapestry telling the foundations of human existence and making the fruits of it grow by experience. What a beautiful and epic Grand Work offered to all human beings!


I cannot imagine what superficial nonsense I would be teaching had I not studied, learned and practiced so much in the last 50 years. I give thanks for self-education and the enthusiasm to do so. Thanks to all these authors of the past (and some from the present!) for having written so much and left such pretty breadcrumbs to find one’s way. Thank you especially to those rejected from our pseudo-spiritual period called “new age”: books.

“Lege, lege, relege, ora, labora et invenies”
Which means: Read, read, reread, pray, work and you will find.
(Mutus Liber of 1677)